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On September 8, International Literacy Day, established by UNESCO, is celebrated around the world. This year’s theme is ‘Literacy and skills development’. Literacy is strongly connected to improving people’s life and the growth of societies but they are still persisting challenges despite the global progress. 276 more words

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Support Update: PDFs Missing from Desktop and Web Library

Support Update: PDFs Missing from Desktop and Web Library

Support Update: PDFs Missing from Desktop and Web Library 
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eBook formats

Article is also present on the other site! One of the two most common formats in the digital world for reading books are EPUBs and PDFs. And yet, here on the site, all the series are offered in EPUB format. What gives? Are you biased or something? Why not both? Well, here’s a comparison of […]

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This blog post summarises quite well the main differences between APA and MLA styles in their later editions. Please, take some time to read it. Then, go on with your reading on the first Wikispaces’ activity.

An academic paper should follow a defined formatting style that is characterized by standard fonts, margin and indentation. The standardization is crucial in gaining credibility with academic audience. The common academic format styles include APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and Turabian. The following are the rules and guidelines as well as the example of each format […]

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Other ways of taking notes

Microsoft has rolled out a new preview build of Windows 10 for members of the Windows Insider program. Build 16188 for PC users includes updates for the Microsoft Edge web browser, some changes to the Windows Settings menus, and a number of bug fixes. The settings menu for Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant have now been […]

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5 Ways for Educators to Use Social Media

A quite interesting reading for unit 3

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Social media has changed the way that we approach communication and networking. Educators around the world are learning and sharing together. While many educators have taken to social media like a fish to water, there is still some resistance and anxiety. Most of this anxiety comes from not knowing what to post or how to connect. Here are five ways that educators can utilize social media.

  1. Re-visualize The School Newsletter

For decades, teachers and administrators would send out weekly or monthly newsletters. These newsletters would often get lost in backpacks and binders, never to be seen again. Sending the newsletter via email directly to parents helped, but would often get lost in inboxes. Furthermore, information, dates and times would change between the date the newsletter was sent out and the date of the event. Twitter can be utilized to send out messages and reminders daily that go straight to a parent’s…

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Export directly from Scopus and Science Direct!

Good news!

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You know that nice feeling you get when things just work? Well, here at Mendeley we love coming up with ways to make that happen for researchers everywhere, and building features that save them time is usually a good way to go about it.

As a PhD student myself, I know that one of the biggest time drains when doing your research can be the process of finding, processing and organizing your relevant citations and papers. Having to download each one individually before adding them to Mendeley was a big frustration when doing my literature review, and many academics in our community shared similar experiences.

That’s why the Mendeley team put a lot of work in building an improved Web Importer that was released last June and then integrating it with Science Direct and Scopus (as well as most other sites!) to make the process of putting those papers and…

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7 ways to add documents to Mendeley

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We want to make it as easy as possible to get your documents into Mendeley so you can get on with your work. To that end, we have developed a number of ways to add documents to Mendeley. You can now add documents via Desktop and Web in 7 different ways. With so many options, there’s a method to suit any workflow.

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Academic networks contest: ResearchGate vs. Academia vs. Mendeley

How to publish in journals

As university professor, with great pressure to publish in academic journals, I find academic generalist networks essential, such as ResearchGate, or Mendeley, which help me to:

  • Disseminate on the web my published articles to try to obtain citations and name among the scientific community in my field of expertiseAcademic networks contest: ResearchGate vs. Academia vs. Mendeley
  • Find research papers quickly and easily
  • Search for collaboration and international research projects
  • Share ideas and find solutions

I wonder if you can do the same on Facebook or Linkedin. Facebook don’t clearly do it because it’s very focused on leisure and personal life but, what about Linkedin? With millions of professors and professionals connected interested in science/research?

But no, it seems that we need a specific one to ourselves that differentiate researchers, with specific functionalities on usability and sociability (mainly source credibility), two main factors for evaluating online communities (Chinthakalaya

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A Rainbow of annotations: Colored highlighting is here! —

Your results may be black and white, but your research doesn’t have to be! Mendeley now features the ability to annotate in multiple colors! How many colors? Eight different colors! Create a rainbow of annotations in your PDFs and sticky notes. Though the bright burst of color is the one you will likely notice […]

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