Did we achive this ten years later?

Read the following quotation from the Introduction chapter of your book and comment the questions below…

The software then has to reach the students and be used on a regular basis. Here there is a twofold problem: on the one hand the equipment might not be able to get access to the material because the cost of the equipment is prohibitive (Levy, 1997:2).

Do you think that language teaching has get to integrate technology in its curriculum completely in the 21st century? Are we exactly in the same situation than ten year before? Do you think that the first sentence of this quote is an utopia? Do you think the cost of the software and hardware to be used nowadays is prohibitive?

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3 thoughts on “Did we achive this ten years later?

  1. First of all, I would like to thank María Jordano for creating this blog and making it able for debate and discussion. In my opinion, access to software depends on the income, that is, the economical factor is important. It also depends on the country. Most third world nations do not have access to internet as much as we can have it here. However, with the coming of the years there seems to be a tendence to be more communicated. In this sense, nowadays we have computers in most schools and there are cybercafes and even we have forums and virtual courses where we can chat one with the other and learn from each other easily. Kind regards, J. Gustavo Góngora.

  2. And, apart from the above-mentioned explanation, I certainly think that the situation has changed in the past ten years. Technology is part of our lives. The software is also different and more sophisticated. What it was prohibitive ten years ago it may not be today. In response to one of the questions concerning technology in our century, we cannot hardly deny that with all the progress in the area, the subject of study is something to bear in mind in a world with constant changes in this ground. The existence of this virtual course is a proof of what I have already said. J. Gustavo Góngora.

  3. I am agree with gustavo86-góngora, who points out the importance of the growth level of the country. However, in some rich countries the problem is not the economical factor, but the curriculum adaptation. Moreover, I think the education stage is an important variable. In my opinion, in Spain, in graduate studies new technologies are more integrated than ungraduate studies. María González

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