E-mail and the Internet

What now is perceived as something obvious, some years ago could seem science fiction. Read pages 95 to 100 from your textbook and try to describe here the changes you have perceive nowadays in language learning thanks to the emergence of Internet and the use of email. Think of the think you couldn’t do before. Think about the use of VoIP nowadays. Did it exist during the time when the textbook was written?

Have a look, to these reference to find more information about this:

Emmerson, P. (2003). Email english Macmillan Education.
Stickler, U., & Lewis, T. (2008). Collaborative lenguage learning strategies in an email tandem exchange. En S. Hurd, & T. Lewis (Eds.), Language learning strategies in independent settings (1st ed., pp. 237-261). Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters.
Vinagre, M. (2005). Fostering language learning via email: An english – spanish exchange. Computer Assisted Language Learning, 18(5), 369.

Email writing http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/try/lesson-plans/email-writing

Good luck with your exams!


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