Bad news for CALL studies…

I have just received this message from EuroCALL list:

Dear colleagues and friends,

I have just heard the sad news that Graham Davies, the founder President of EUROCALL, passed away yesterday, after a courageous battle against cancer. Graham has touched so many lives, was a dear friend to so many of us, and he will be terribly missed by the CALL community.

EUROCALL will honour him in due course, but for now, our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Sally, his daughters, and family.

Françoise Blin
President EUROCALL
Remember that he had very kind words for the launching of this blog

One thought on “Bad news for CALL studies…

  1. Thanks to Graham Davies who created the term CALL. After some other proposed term as CALI (Computer-assisted language instruction). It was in use before CALL, reflecting its origins as a subset of the general term CAI (Computer-assisted instruction). CALI fell out of favour among language teachers, however, as it appeared to imply a teacher-centred approach (instructional), whereas language teachers are more inclined to prefer a student-centred approach, focusing on learning rather than instruction. CALL began to replace CALI in the early 1980s (Davies & Higgins 1982:page 3) and it is now incorporated into the names of the growing number of professional associations worldwide.

    Maria Carmen Pérez

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