Survey Results: Librarians and OER (Part I)

Moving to unit 1 again….


What do librarians think about OER? If they create OER, do they share it? What awareness is there of CC and open licensing? What challenges do librarians face when using OER? What kind of policies would help librarians be more open?

There are just some of the questions we sought to investigate in a survey of librarians conducted during Autumn 2013. Working with Co-PILOT (Community of Practice for Information Literacy Online Teaching) project members Eleni Zazani (Birkbeck) and Nancy Graham (Roehampton), we launched two questionnaires during Open Access Week at the end of last October. Both surveys closed 2 January 2014 and were identical in content (the only difference being that one version mentioned Co-PILOT explicitly in the opening text and title). A big thanks to all those who either tweeted, blogged or promoted the surveys and, of course, a massive thanks to those who participated.


A total of 312 people responded…

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