National Libraries in English language all around the world

As we have seen in the first unit of this subject, online databases are one of the most useful resources to you, as students of English Studies. Even if you are carrying out a research, looking for information or trying to check words, acronyms or find more information about American Slang, for example, in these online databases you can find articles, web pages, books, dictionaries or newspapers to help you and to solve your doubts.

Queries are easy to make, and you can browse resources in categories or search different collections. Many of the resources are freely available, and with just one click, you can get a lot of resources that you should refine to find the most suitable for your needs.

These are three of the most remarkable online databases from Libraries:

British Library

The British Library is one of the most important libraries in the world and one the largest by number of items catalogued as well. Companies, researchers, professors, and students from UK and from all over the world consult its catalogue. In fact, more than six million searches are generated by their online catalogue and about 400,000 people go their Reading Rooms. Its online catalogues include more than 20 specialist catalogues with nearly 57 million records that can be consulted remotely. Sounds, images, books, articles are included.

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is considered the USA’s oldest federal cultural institution and, along with the British Library, the largest library in the world, containing millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in its different collections.

Its catalog has more than 18 million books, serials, computers files, manuscripts, maps, music, recordings, images, and electronic resources to be consulted. Thousands of items in the Library’s collections are available electronically, through the Library or through freely-accessible web sites**. It is remarkable that the Online Catalogue has searching aids for users, for example, cross-references and scope notes. There is only one database, since the catalogue records are not separated depending on type of material, language or date.

** You can subscribe via RSS to the updatings of some of these pages.

National Library of Australia

The greatest collection in the world of material relating to Australia and the Australian people is held in The National Library of Australia. Its range of publications includes the earliest European works and the most current publications. As The British Library and The Library of Congress, different types of materials are included: books magazines, pictures, maps, sheet music, oral history recordings, and manuscript papers among others.

Using its online database, using eResources, indexes, full-text journals, websites and guides can be located.

These are just some examples . If you now more National Libraries, please, add them through a comment to this post.


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