Welcome to this new academic year, 2015-16

This is the first post of a blog which was opened 3 years ago to suggest and share topics related to the ones studies in a dynamic course like this. Although the elaboration of blogs as such will not be dealt until unit 3, I encourage all of you to ask to be invited to participate with moderated contributions in this one. All you have to do is sending me a message with your email account so that I can add you as a contributor.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to this new academic year, 2015-16

  1. I have a doubt about subscribing to Twitter because I believe that we can view all the tweets related to us through the FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER window that we have in this page. Is this right? I would join Twitter only in the case I was willing to make contributions (and have followers). Do you think so?

  2. Dear Javier,
    I have recieved your message on my UNED mailbox. I don’t know if I should reply you through this medium, but if my message is unappropriate, I would ask María to delete it.

    Cheers to all

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