How Long Does it Take You to Write a Post?

Writing a blog post is not just “copy and paste” text chunks from other blogs. Please, read this carefully in order to be a good blogger! 😉

QP and Eye

The idea of an editorial calendar appeals to my Type A personality.  The annal personality that loves order, planning, advance scheduling and control.  For the past few months I’ve toyed with a number of ways to post on a regular basis rather than the ad hoc system that is my current default.

The good thing about planning is that I have some topics sorted for the coming weeks and I can be giving them some thought.  The not so good thing about the calendar is that having a great idea is one thing, getting the post written is a different matter completely.

Occasionally a post will literally fly off the keyboard and the sense of achievement is surely every blogger’s high, a feeling that could make me a post junkie.  The inspiration is there, the photos appear as if on cue and everything comes together like, well, magic. If posts happened that…

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