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Do you know a community that  teaches you languages for free and at the same is easy to manage? Are you clumsy with technology? Do you have little time to spend with your computer?

I have recently discovered Duolingo. This community offers a funny way to learn a language, does not require sleepless nights in front of the computer, it is super easy to manage and the most important thing, it is free.

It is based on gamification, the icons and the way to play around, makes this website simple and accessible for any age and less challenging for those who are not feeling fully confident with technologies. It is a very intuitive website, it focuses on teaching, you forget about how to manage the program, because the deal here is learning.

From the beginning, you already know how to surf this website and how to handle its tools. These days, time is highly valuable, Duolingo knows it and focuses on that. Do you have five minutes during your day? Then do something productive for today, achieve a lesson!

Nowadays, it has been always said that: ‘ for learning a language you have to invest a lot of money!’ Heaps of them. But once again, Duolingo knows exactly that and gives you teaching for free.

Passionate about translation studies? Help to translate a text, step by step. Comment on that, feel part of a community. Learn from others, teach something, leave your comments. Remember the aim of this community: learning.

Share your thoughts, join one of their discussion forums. Know-how… Once again, learn.

But how to start using Duolingo? Sign in with your Facebook or Google account or create in just two minutes a new account with your email. Forget about installing a program, there is no need for users to download it, as you can work online.

You choose your source language and then the language you want to learn or improve.  At the beginning, you have the possibility to carry out a level test, if you conclude it, the system will assign you the level in which roughly you belong to. Lessons consist of translations from target/source to source/target language, listenings and pictures’ matching. They are so much fun!

Moreover, after completing your daily tests, you can pick the option of ‘Strengthen skills’ where you will have a sump up test about all your lessons taken until that very moment.

To become more challenging, you have a leaderboard that you share with your friends and you can see who is accomplishing their goals during that week or month! Independently of the language selected, the score between you and your friends will be related with your goals. So, there is no need to pick both the same language, you can be enrolled in German and your friend enrolled in English course and both check your progresses in languages. Do not forget that individually, you set your own goals from relaxed to intense aim, that is from 5 minutes to 20 minutes a day!

Aside from the lessons Duolingo offers, the following sections are available from its home screen:

  • Words. It indicates which words you should practice more.
  • Activity. It displays the history of your account (levels, friends, messages, discussions, etc.)
  • Discussion. It shows you different online discussions from groups within the same language community.
  • Immersion: Documents’ translation. When you reach a certain level, you can help others to translate documents. You can also upload a file for being translated.

Immersion filters available:

  • Fields of your interest.
  • Level: Easy to hard.
  • Status of the translation. Untranslated, unchecked or finished texts.

You might just want to translate two sentences or the whole document, but this is up to you!

After comparing it with other communities, as Livemocha, it stands out for its free and easy learning within a friendly community. Do you feel great? Join to more than one course language at a time!

Awesome discovery! But be careful! You will get addicted (in a good way) to it!

Any new discovery within this community? Please, feel free to post your comments! I want to learn!


2 thoughts on “Duolingo – CoP

  1. It sounded so interesting and fun that I have enrolled into an Italian course to prepare My Toscana trip.I will get in touch to compare experiencies.

    1. Great to hear that you have enrolled to one of the courses!
      As I said, it really helps with vocabulary!
      My eight-year old nephew has enrolled to the English course and has become addicted to it! He is on level 3 and he has learn lots of things at this stage!

      Keep us updated on your progresses Cristina!
      For me, German is useful at work!

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