Interview to a Uned Librarian

Librarian interview

  • What are the requirements for becoming a librarian? Which are your tasks in the library?

You need to study a degree in Library and Information Studies, a fluent level of writing (English, French, or German) and to be successful in a public competition. In my case, as that degree didn´t exist, I studied Philology and some courses about cataloguing (monographs, magazines and file documents) in different formats (paper and CD-ROM).

My tasks in this very position are: process and cataloguing of reference works, as well as doctoral thesis. Management of databases, advice to researchers and teachers about electronic resources provided by the university, advice about evaluation tools for the research, classroom learning about databases, etc.

  • How many years have you been working as a librarian? How much has your work changed since you started working on it?

I have been doing this job for 18 years. It has changed a great deal, given that there were no computers in the library at the beginning. Cataloguing was done on cards, using a typewriter and sometimes by hand. You had to come to the library if you wanted to consult a book or an article.

  • Over the years, ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) have been progressively introduced in our lives. To what extent do they affect a librarian?

It has had an impact on virtually every aspect of our work, from the cataloguing process to the way we communicate with the user, including literature searches.

  • What courses have you done in your work to adapt and better meet the needs of users?

I have taken courses dealing with assessment tools for research and with publications with a high impact factor.

  • How can a librarian support online users to prepare well-structured research or to do other tasks?

Through tutorials or video-tutorials development.

  • For you, which are the advantages of using either databases directly, metasearchers or platforms for research purposes? What search tool would you advise for undertaking the end-of-degree project?

Everything will depend on the degree of deepening that you need. In order to do the end-of-degree project, it will be enough with the search of a “metasearcher” or “discovery” such as Linceo+.

If you are writing a thesis or a further investigation, I would recommend you a database lookup.

  • Is it usual to call upon other libraries for the lending of books? Which are the procedures to follow?

Yes, it is. In almost all libraries, there is a service called Inter-library Loan. The procedure to follow will be to address you to the librarian (face-to-face or virtually) and you have to request the book or magazine that you are interested in. The librarians will be in charge of locating the book and indicating when the book is available. In the case of a magazine article, they send it to you digitally by e-mail.

  • What tools do you know that are better in making full texts searchable than Linceo+?

I don’t know any one better

  • When searching for information from different sources, which strategies can we use in order to avoid duplicities in the results?

You can use a reference manager such as Refworks which locates and deletes the duplicate records.

  • Do you think the librarian role (and profile) is in risk due to the technological advances? What will be its role in the mid-term?

I don’t believe this profession is in danger as information always needs to be managed… Although,  the format of that information will change and will be especially electronic. We will become the supervisors of the contents instead of the owners of the information, due to the fact that there will exist more electronic books than paper ones. 

Aplicaciones de las TIC Group 3: Becerra D., Merino L., Muñoz A., Núñez-Lagos B., Rebollo J., Sanjosé A. Supervisor & Reviewer: Borreguero L. Coordinator: Jordano M.



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