The LION in the library (AKA Activity 1.2)

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Mis TIC - Ruth

I am back again to show you a great bibliographic database, quite intuitive. Ladies and gentlement… welcome to Literature Online (LION).

LION Literature Online (LION)

What is LION?

In this case it is specially important to be logged in to Campus UNED. UNED pays the subscription fee, otherwise you would only see a login page (like this one)

As I am studying American Literature II right now, I wanted to see some information about  ‘The Great Gatsby’, and there were 1530 results.

LIONSearch LION – Search The Great Gatsby

As you can see, the information can be filtered by content type on the left hand bar.
My choice was this document, in ‘Reference Works’: The Great Gatsby  from KnowledgeNotes™ Student Guides

Please, if you love literature in English, visit this database and search your favourite author or book! And let me know if you found what you were looking for 😉

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