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  1. Hello María: I’ll will not be doing my TFG at least in two years time, so I’m afraid I may forgot all the info learnt in this subject. Will we have access to the wiki and the blog, and the information about the different applications, even if we are not enrolled in the subject?


      1. Uff, that’s very reassuring 🙂 I’m having many problems at home with my parents (in their eighties, you can imagine), so I’m a bit delayed with the study of the units. I’ve just started Unit 3 which is as interesting as the first two units. I hope to be able to catch up.

  2. Hola , as an idea to improve our english skills , linked with TIC too, would be the use of websites that are used to put in contact people to help eacih other in different things . There are many fb groups of language exchange in the biggest cities in Europe , there are webpages like http://www.workaway.com or http://www.helpex.net that can help, both, people who need help with something and people who want to travel for free . Speaking is the best way to improve and at the same time is amazing to meet new people in the world who make you see things differently.

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