Concept Map tools

On of the secrets to pass this subject is having a clear general idea about the whole book and every single unit of the course, so that once in the exam, you could be able to know what are you being asked in every moment. A rather good method to bring things clear to the exam is by elaborating your own concept maps. You can find now lots of tools to do this without effort. The most important ones are: cmap tool, freemind, xmind, visualmind, or smartdraw among others.You could also use these applications to teach and learn new words by means of semantic fields, similar to this famous online dictionary (Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus).

You have some of them in the virtual course (one per unit) created by a student from last academic year. Have a look and tell us your opinion 😉


EXAM practice 3

This time, we will do something different…We will make use of a webquest and the wiki created for our course to practice this question:

CALL Materials

Click here and follow the instructions given in the webquest.

You could do it in groups or individually. You choose…

EXAM practice 2

Imagine that you have just delivered your piece of paper with the exam in it. Try to answer this question using the comments option.

Write about the following topic:

Hardware and software: authoring (10 marks)

Rememeber the more students you do this the better you’ll prepared you exams. Some of these questions could be asked them in the exam.

EXAM practice 1

Open your books and imagine you have to answer the following question:

CALL in the 90s (10 marks)

Now, using the “comments” option to answer this question.

Take into account that you have only 60 minutes to do it.

Good luck!