The power of authoring tools to learn in a playful way

As you may know, the written exam that you will have to pass by the end of this course contains 20 multiple choice questions. We ask you not to learn by heart all the questions found in previous years. It is very easy to pass that exam successfully if you have practised with the key applications seen in this subject. This is the reason why the template for the final activity is available all through the course, so that you can add all the urls and names of all the activities that you are completing while you study.

We invite you to create your own questions in a space reserved for that end at Wikispaces (The first item is an example. Make sure you elaborate similar questions, that is, with four choices):

Once you’ve found more than 5 questions in this bank, you can give a step forward, generate an interactive test to be shared with the rest of your mates. These are some examples, although you can use others:

Hotpotatoes (Make sure you download the most convenient version for you).

Free software for interactive educational activities if you just log in. It includes five different applications ready to be uploaded to the Internet. These applications are

1. JCloze (filling the gaps texts),

JCross (to create crosswords),

JMatch ( to match /drag and drop columns of items,

JMix (to order words or elements)

and JQuiz the most approppriate one to generate multiple questions quizzes) .

There is also a sixth application called The Masher, that will compile all the Hot Potatoes exercises into one unit.

Once your have the HMTL page ready, all you have to do is finding a space to host it*, and…. that’s all;)

* This can be an educational platform, of course!

You can find tutorials here:

Exam Time  (You can create concept maps and take notes apart other options as well)

Excellent free tool, really easy to use. Just log in.

Changing the way you learn, for students & teachers to create, discover and share learning resources. Apart from multiple choice questions, you can build mind maps, flashcards, and digital notes for free. Also, you can create work groups so that students or work mates can interact, use calendars to organize your work, for cooperative learning, etc. Begin with this video tutorial to break the ice with this tool.



Quizlet makes studying seem more like fun, and not like boring school work! It makes it so much easier to really understand and memorize. Just sign up!
Its creator explainis here why he decided to produce Quizlet here.

You can find many categories such as Science, Math, History, Geography, Arts, Literautre, and a long list of languages and vocabulary. Flashcards and study tools , free app “to study anything, anywhere”

This is  an example: Feeel free to add your own quizzes.

Your will find plenty additional information on the Internet to know how to deal with this optional activity. It will be extremely rewarding if you use them in the classroom, in the case you are a teacher.


Would you like to learn how to generate BIDI QR Codes?

It is quite easy with free tols like this:

Generador de Códigos QR Codes

This QR Generator will allow you to work with:

and it is quite easy to use. Just copy and paste the url which you would like to convert into BIDI code, and voilà! Try and share your experience either here or in the forum (general matters).